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Trust is Weird

Throughout my life, I’ve thought about trusting God the wrong way. I don’t know if anyone else thinks about it this way, but when I “choose to trust God”, I’m doing it in a “toss it at His feet and walk away” kind of way. It’s very “well, I’ve got no choice but to trust Him and give up” kind of attitude.

It’s very wrong.

Trust, I’m learning, is an active thing. Trust, to me, is hoping and believing that God will work something out, because He loves me. It’s not about it being the first option, but about it being the best one. It’s about walking with Him in trusting Him to provide, or sort a situation out, or give wisdom, or bring miracles or whatever.

Trust is about relationship. If I don’t have relationship, I can’t have confidence that He will sort something out.

And maybe that’s what I was missing before. Confidence. A strong belief that He loves me, wants to take care of me and only desires the best for me. And that out of that love He has for me I can trust Him to do what’s best AND to take care of me along the way.


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