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I Am Worth It

I. Am. Worth it!

My whole life I’ve always been overly humble. Basically ashamed of any gift. I mean, if I worked hard for something, I didn’t mind getting rewarded for it, but any compliments, any extravagance, any real personal affection was always very, very hard to take (if not impossible).

However, I AM worth it!

Jesus died for me, and to Him it was worth it, which means I was worth him dying for.

I don’t say this to sound conceited. I’m not trying to falsely build myself up. But God said He loved me that much, and that He wanted to do this for me, so I AM worth it!

I am worth dying for, I am worth loving, I am worth blessing, I am worthy of honor. Because God made me, He made me in His image, and He has called me to a life of blessing – both for myself and for others.

I really, really want to learn this. That God’s love is MINE. And his favor is MINE. And so I am worth it. I can’t go so far as to say I “deserve” these things. I’m not sure I should go that far, but I am thankful for God’s blessings in such a way that I am actually learning to ACCEPT the blessing, and then say thank you to God for it.

I think I was missing the acceptance part before, which made the thankfulness kind of shallow. I was being thankful for something I didn’t want, and couldn’t acknowledge as a blessing.

So God, thank you!

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