Exploring Abundance & Prosperity

End of Day 1 of Fast

I’m nearly done Day 1 of my 3 day fast. I’m fasting everything but liquids (and only fruit/veg/water type liquids, no tea or hot chocolate).

I felt this was really important to hit a breakthrough. Not just the fasting, but also maintaining this blog, spending more time praying and in the Bible and generally re-awakening myself to God.

I think I’m going to try and take in a chunk of Jeremiah during my fast, as my pastor loves Jeremiah.

Right now I’m feeling fairly good. Went on a walk with Alex, and realized that food is not just an incredibly big part of my life, but that it is part of my identity too. I thought to myself that I would much rather have God be that much (or more) a part of my identity than food. Sure, I’ll always love food. But I have more passion for food right now than God.

That’s a Bad Thing.

So tonight, some TV, some relaxation, some email and some reading of Jeremiah. And then some random book reading before bed. Oh, and lots and lots of vegetable juice, I’m sure.

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