Exploring Abundance & Prosperity

On Abundance & Prosperity

At church this week, our pastor, Peter Fitch, mentioned a verse of scripture:

I have come that they might have life, and that they may have it more abundantly (John 10:10b, NKJV).

And it hit me, quite suddenly, that abundance was key to our Christian lives. “More” is not a four letter word. Many people have heard of the prosperity gospel and that we can lay ahold of all kinds of financial blessings.

But, really, the prosperity gospel is the cheapest kind of abundance possible. You can be prosperous in far more than your finances, and when God promises something like abundance or prosperity I’m sure he means for us to have more than just our creature comforts.

Abundance and prosperity in your relationship with God, with your family and friends. More than you can handle of job and career success. An overflowing of blessing in your ministry, your outreach to your community, your skills, you art and your worship…

In short, abundance and prosperity should be applied to every area of our lives.

I’ve put this blog up primarily to explore my own thoughts on it. I’ve also put it up to see if I can actually write a Christian blog. If I can, I’ll show it to some friends in a week or two. If I can’t, hopefully I’ll have spent some decent time meditating on something which I believe is central to the Christian faith: not being afraid of getting and definitely not being afraid of asking for more.

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